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Customer Service

Welcome To Our Customer Service Center.

We are pleased to provide you with multiple ways to communicate your service needs to us.

Please be aware that coverage cannot be ordered or bound via email, fax, or voice mail. Insurance coverage cannot be bound without a written binder from our office. The below listed service request forms allow our representatives to be fully prepared when they talk with you, saving you time and effort.

In the Customer Insurance Service Center, we'll help you:

  • File a Claim - when filing claims, our insurance customer service center strives to make it easy, from start to finish. And our customer service representatives are always happy to help.
  • Change Customer Information - learn how simple it is to change important information like your address, beneficiary or request auto id cards.
  • Make a Payment - it's fast and easy to make your payment right online.
  • Contact Customer Service - want to speak with us directly? Contact us here.
Manage My Policy
Policy Forms
Insurance Company Phone Number
Americas 504-528-9555
Assurance America Corporation 888-580-8134
Fidelity National Property & Casualty Insurance  Group 800-725-9472
Foremost Insurance Group 800-527-3907
Geovera Insurance Company 800-735-8086
Hallmark Insurance Company 800-486-5616 
HomeWise 866-496-1782
Imperial Fire & Casualty 800-960-7777
Lane & Associates, Inc 866-905-4461
LC& I Workers' Compensation 800-274-7925
Lighthouse 888-235-3837
National Automotive Insurance Company 800-738-6248
Occidental Fire & Casualty Company 800-780-8423
Progressive 800-274-4499
Unitrin Specialty 800-456-1919
USAgencies 800-958-8545